a little for a monday

This picture of a butterfly has nothing to do with knitting/spinning/sewing. I've just been weirdly seeing a lot of gorgeous butterflies lately and wanted to share!

Well,  we've made it through another weekend! This week mine included a bunch of car knitting en route on a day trip, and spinning on Sunday. Right now I'm spinning some BFL/Silk from Walnut Farm up in Pennsylvania and finished the first 2 oz this weekend for making a 2 ply fingering weight. It's taking forever, but the colors are gorgeous. The weather here is starting to hint at fall and I couldn't love it more. The Mr. and I have coffee on our porch swing often and my first soup is already in the crockpot, thanks to some butternut squash from Benevolence Farm . I am going to miss tomato season, but wouldn't trade a million tomatoes for what the trees are about to start doing around my house. (This is where I would insert all of the fall-related emojis I could find, if I was typing on my phone.)

Monday often comes with a lot of wishing for the weekend, but a lot of promise for me, these days. Here are some things I am loving and looking forward to this week: 

  • I knit a hat this weekend and I love seeing everyone's Laurus hats pop up on the #fringehatalong tag on Insta. Hopefully I can take pictures of mine soon and post!
  • I'm deep into spinning wheel research and comparison right now. What I wish I could find is a huge chart with all the major spinning wheel brands & models and direct comparisons of their major functions and capabilities, but this article, this video, and this class have been a good place to start. 
  • Rebekka Seale has a beautiful Pinterest
  • The most perfect pink yarn I've ever seen. 
  • I spun a little alpaca so far I got from my trip to Asheville and I would love to make something simple like this with it. 
  • Thinking about upcoming travel and I love this idea for a travel blanket by A Girl Named Leney.

Happy Monday everyone!