Love: knit jackets

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It seems as though fall has finally graced us with her presence here in NC as of this weekend. Halloween night the temperature dropped to around 40 degrees, and remained chilly the whole weekend, and a little rainy, which was just fine by me. It is unashamedly my favorite weather. Cozy weather, shawl-knitting weather, tea and biscotti weather. I digress. 

Ever since I fell in love with Gina Rockenwagner and her City Cape I've been noticing more and more knit outergarments, not sweaters, exactly, but something more like a jacket or heavy cardigan. The three here are ones that havec caught my eye, the third image an ode to my husband, who is being so very patient with me as I knit a thousand Christmas gifts, and promise that someday, he will have a handknit sweater to call his own. 

In other news, I just spent my entire evening reading Mimi Thorrison's first cookbook, "A Kitchen in France". Good gravy, that is a beautiful cookbook. Full of shallots, wine, and duck fat. I want to make every single thing. 

In the meantime, I'm also working on a new shawl, in O-Wool (from Rhinebeck, of course!). It deserves it's own post, I think, so I will save that discussion for later.