lovely randoms: vol. 1

My brain isn't quite working completely cohesively today, what with the several different projects on my needles, several different projects I am meaning to start before Christmas, and the general business and detox of the brain that comes after hosting guests for a whole weekend. Here are some lovely random things I am thinking about today: 

I had a dream about Tolt Yarn & Wool last night. It was a lovely dream. I've apparently been doing to much yarn ogling pre-bedtime the past few days what with the launch of their new website. All that to say, if anyone has the desire to sponsor me a trip to Washington state...I'd be most appreciative. 

Recently through Fringe Association I discovered Dottie Angel, a whimsical blog that I have come to love perusing the archives for. Her "wooly tattooed" mittens are the image at the top of today's post. I also really love her  thoughts on tidying up that she shared this week. Also, I want to make a petition to re-instate tea time, and using the word "pants". As in, "Oh, pants! I just dropped a stitch!" Too good. 

Speaking of Fringe, their first holiday catalog. Wow. Put me down for one of everything, please. 

Knitbot is having a little hat knitalong this coming month and I am thinking about joining. The beret is a shape I haven't attempted before, and I just received about 200 yards of O-Wool Balance that I think would be a great yarn for the worsted version! 

Knitpicks is having a mega-sale right now, and I am finding that as I look at my yarn wishlist for the holidays, I'm considering this post from Woolful a little bit everytime I come across a superwash wool now. Knowledge is power!

That's all for tonight. Hope everyone is staying warm out there tonight, and that you find yourself surrounded by pies this week.