natural beauty

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post this morning on a shop update coming up this evening at 6 PM EST. I'm excited to share these with the world and get them into your hands, and on your needles. 

The yarn on the left is a worsted weight, this lovely black, grey and white marl I carded and spun from 75% Rambouillet wool and 25% soft soft llama fiber. It's so gorgeous I almost didn't want to list it so I could keep it for myself! 

The middle yarn is really special because it comes from a farm in Pennsylvania that I purchased when I went to Rhinebeck, The Ross Farm. It's called their "Herd Blend", and is a gorgeous blend of cream and light brown fibers. It's a single ply, but it created a beautiful barberpole effect when it spun, as the core was light brown and the outside of the roving was cream. It's one of a kind and wonderful. 

The yarn on the right is so squishy and soft, a super bulky 100% Rambouillet which is both soft and strong. I loved it so much just off of the wheel, but it completely transformed and bloomed when I soaked it last week. I can't wait to see what it makes. It's a crazy thick and thin yarn but will hold up super well in knitting projects.

Right now I have a couple of other yarns in the shop as well that I love and would love to see make it into your hands, they'd be great for knitting, weaving or crochet. Go check them out and check out these new skeins this evening!

Happy shopping and happy knitting!