a little crafty stop

Every year, unintentionally, the Mr. and I have made it to Nashville for Labor Day weekend. We met there, went to school there, fell in love there, and still have some great friends who live there, and the more time we can get there the happier we are. So three day weekends always seem like a good choice, of course!

It's been so fun ever since we moved away three years ago to see how the craft scene there has been growing so much. My favorite yarn store while I lived in the city was Haus of Yarn, but it seems like every time I visit there are more fun places to go. The downside of flying in this trip, naturally, was that we were car-less the whole weekend, so I didn't quite get everywhere I wanted to go (see: Craft South, Hey Rooster) but one day we managed to get over to East Nashville and putzed around this really sweet area around Fatherland Street where we found Nutmeg!

Nutmeg is the cutest, most petite little craft store ever. Despite its small square-footage, she had so many yarns and fabrics that I was dying over, even some of the new dyed Moeke yarns! I've also been curious about Lettlopi since Tolt Yarn & Wool started carrying it in their online store, so it was fun to be able to feel that in person. Ultimately, I landed on a yarn I've been coveting for many moons...Brooklyn Tweed Loft. The woolen-spun nature is hard to describe but subtly different than any worsted-spun yarn I've ever felt, and was actually a lot softer than I was anticipating. Usually I find that when someone describes their yarn as "rustic", it means stick to outerwear when you're knitting it. I was delighted to find that was not the case. I'm thinking maybe it's destined to be Anisos or Rakke? Definitely lace. Definitely, definitely lace. 

Anyways, Meg is the sweetest proprietress and just from being in there for a little while you could tell she really loved her community and that her store was so welcoming to everyone. I definitely recommend you go check her out if you find yourself on the trendy side of the tracks in Nashville.