handspun: alpaca cloud

Pure white is my favorite thing to spin. It's so calming, so beautiful, so simple. Ever since I started dyeing in my little kitchen, I have started to see such beautiful potential in white fiber. Would you like to be beautiful brown? Cochineal red? Pale pink? Mossy green? Indigo blue? All of these and more? It's possible. It's lovely, spinning potential.

This is about 190 yards of DK weight single ply alpaca spun from Echoview Fiber Mill Alpaca Cloud. The second time I've spun this in 2 months, which should tell you how wonderful it is. I don't have much experience knitting with pure alpaca, people say that it lacks the elasticity that wool is known for, but I could do a serious 180 on that opinion after spinning it for hours. 

Sorry about the unexpected blogging hiatus the past few weeks. I had lots of plans for posts for Slow Fashion October, and I hope to be able to post one tomorrow just in time for the month to end. It's been great seeing how so many people care about this topic and have jumped into the discussion with so much heart.