handspun & naturally dyed: blackberry love

I want to start out this post by saying that this might be one of my favorite yarns I've ever made, and the pictures truly do not do it justice. A couple of weeks ago I started experimenting with solar dyes. I wanted to keep my fiber soft, and removing heat from the equation seemed like a good way to achieve that. Once again, I was surprised and delighted. Natural dyes are the best! 

This particular batch of dyes were made with local blackberries interspersed with the Rambouillet wool in a jar for about 3 days. The water turned this crazy, vibrant purple, but the fiber itself turned pale lavender, with pops of grey and bright purple and even a bit of pink. So wild! I love the patterning in this wool, the areas where the blackberries rested created this beautiful painterly effect in what would have taken many colors to dye chemically. After the fiber had time to dry, I spun it and plied it with a heathered grey eco wool blend. The subtle shifting shades of the blackberry dyed yarn pop out so beautifully against it, and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. 

The resulting yarn is drapey and smooth, you'd guess that it was a wool/silk blend, and not the 100% wool that it is! I'm so tempted to keep this skein for myself, but instead I'll hopefully have it listed in the shop sometime tomorrow. 

More solar dyeing is definitely in my future, and gives me a hope for spring during the freezing rain that is hitting North Carolina right now; the last bitter storms of winter that we'll likely see as March quickly approaches. 

a birthday sale!

On Friday I'm turning 25! All jokes about a quarter-life crisis aside, I'm so grateful to be where I am in life right now, even in the midst of a lot of transitions, and am excited for what is ahead this year. 

My poor Mr. has been sick with pneumonia the past two weeks and we are finally getting to the end of it (hooray!) so I haven't updated the shop this week like I had planned (including these two bulky beauties!) but for my blog readers I wanted to give an extra day's heads up about a birthday sale I'm having this weekend! Starting today, take 15% off your order at Goodstitch with code 'BIRTHDAYGIRL' and get an upgraded free priority shipping for your normal shipping rate (US only for the shipping upgrade). The sale is good through Sunday, 2/14, so I hope that you show yourself or a crafty person in your life some love with sustainable yarns this weekend! 

Wishing you lots of love, today and all year round <3

happy friday!

Hey friends!

Just wanted to pop in for a quick second and wish you a happy, crafty weekend. I finished plying this beautiful Shetland that I washed and carded from a lovely woman in Missouri today, and I think this weekend it's headed for the dye pot. Valentine's being just two weeks away, I'd love to get this into your hands so soon. And hopefully next time you see it - it will be pink. :)

What are you working on this weekend? :)

natural beauty

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post this morning on a shop update coming up this evening at 6 PM EST. I'm excited to share these with the world and get them into your hands, and on your needles. 

The yarn on the left is a worsted weight, this lovely black, grey and white marl I carded and spun from 75% Rambouillet wool and 25% soft soft llama fiber. It's so gorgeous I almost didn't want to list it so I could keep it for myself! 

The middle yarn is really special because it comes from a farm in Pennsylvania that I purchased when I went to Rhinebeck, The Ross Farm. It's called their "Herd Blend", and is a gorgeous blend of cream and light brown fibers. It's a single ply, but it created a beautiful barberpole effect when it spun, as the core was light brown and the outside of the roving was cream. It's one of a kind and wonderful. 

The yarn on the right is so squishy and soft, a super bulky 100% Rambouillet which is both soft and strong. I loved it so much just off of the wheel, but it completely transformed and bloomed when I soaked it last week. I can't wait to see what it makes. It's a crazy thick and thin yarn but will hold up super well in knitting projects.

Right now I have a couple of other yarns in the shop as well that I love and would love to see make it into your hands, they'd be great for knitting, weaving or crochet. Go check them out and check out these new skeins this evening!

Happy shopping and happy knitting!

handspun: a treat

Over the weekend, I finished a new yarn from another sweet Christmas gift. It was such a treat to spin! The fiber is Hedgehog Fibres 50/50 merino & silk, a roving with these loud, beautiful colors that made for a gorgeous fractal 2-ply yarn. The finished skein is 480 yards light fingering weight, and this week as I have been spinning bulky weight yarn, it has felt so magnified because I went straight from a lace weight single plied together to a bulky singly ply! 

This yarn is absolutely destined for something lacy, the trick is finding a pattern that won't compete with these gorgeous color repeats and the patterning that goes with it. Perhaps a small Lori shawl? Or a delicate Teakettle? For now it is hung in my studio to admire while I'm stash-diving for more pressing projects. Lovely!