organizing anew

They have a really specific walk about them when they're doing something they shouldn't. The kittens, that is. They have an extra spring in their step, a bouncy sort of mischievous way about them when they're carrying a toy, an ice cube, a ham sandwich they've pulled off the counter (ugh), but my least favorite of all was when they skipped lightly away with my yarn. And they do it a lot.

At our previous home my stash was all stored in our closet of our guest bedroom, which was almost always closed. But in our new space we began storing it in a set of stacking bins that were open-top, and this led to many trots away and ravaged skeins. 

This hopefully is a new and better solution. An old and beautiful filing cabinet we lined and cleaned and brought home. It's a little rusty and we'd still love to do some work on the exterior, but I love how it sits in the corner of our guest bedroom/office. Karen Templer recently talked about her new yarn storage solution in her studio and it's evolving state, and I think it's so fun to think of how everyone does it. Right now each of my drawers are divided up by weight (fingering and DK, sport in one drawer, worsted in another), by type of project (spinning and dyeing materials in one drawer) and tools (in the last drawer). I am pretty proud that it all fits in this one cabinet (except current projects in my rice basket and special yarns, hanging above). Felicia of the Craft Sessions really inspired me last year to think about my yarn purchases and about a move towards having less of a stash. So now I'm trying really hard not to buy any fiber without a project specifically in mind that I'm ready to do or that I know I'm going to be tackling in the near future. With a few exceptions of course! I'm not superwoman :)

What are your favorite ways to store your crafts in a way that is safe (and pretty!)?

P.S. - I think they're going to get over their disappointment just fine.