Knit Year Resolutions

Hi ho! Took a bit of a break over the holidays but hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year. 

As is the case with the new year, and with a good break from work, I found myself doing a lot of thinking on what 2014 meant to me, and what I want to work for in 2015. Movin' and shakin' and all that. It's good stuff. As a knitter, I grew SO much in the past year. December of last year, I was working on my second ever colorwork hat. I knew very little about wool or any of the other fibers I was knitting with, I just knew I loved knitting. The more I learn, however, the deeper love and appreciation I have for the craft. I'm grateful to have found this thing that I love to do so much and I cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring. 

With all that in mind, here are some of my knit year resolutions fo 2015: 

1. Knit my first (and maybe second) sweater. 

I have been thinking about this elusive "first sweater" for a while now, and just like with socks last year, this is the year of the sweater. I have a few wonderful options lined up and hopefully will share that with you all soon. 

2. Go back to Rhinebeck

It was truly amazing even knowing so little about wool, and going back this year would be such an awesome experience knowing so much more. Plus, you know I would love a chance to fan girl so much at the Ravelry meet-up, which somehow I missed last year. 

3. Buy local

I've really felt some great convictions about buying American-made in the past few months, and I'd love to apply that to my saving and purchasing habits when it comes to the yarn I buy this year. Suggestions on great American yarns would be welcome!

4. Get connected. 

There are so many wonderful fiber folk that I have the opportunity to be connected to, but so often I am shy when it comes to making connections and reaching out. This year, I want to just ask and see what happens. 

5. Be brave. 

In life (see above), but in knitting particularly. Don't know how to do that cast on? Figure it out and forge ahead! This year I want to channel my inner EZ. 

6. Goodstitch: the handmade business

A big dream in the making. More to come soon!!


I've been scoping out everyone else's resolutions, and I'd love to hear yours?

Love from this side of the world!