Mittens and kittens

I have never really been a monogamous knitter. Maybe on my first ever project, but that's it. I like to think that's because there's too many good things to knit in the world, but it's probably just because I'm scatterbrained :)

I'm currently knitting two fingering weight projects and so I was recently struck with the need to just knit something really fast. And I didn't have any mittens, so mittens it was. To my dismay, there is a startling lack of mitten patterns that I like out there. I just wanted something so simple, to go with this amazing Super Pink Worsted Twist I had gotten for Christmas. And I looked and looked and it was not to be found. So I channeled my inner EZ and decided to just adapt a pattern I did like. And mittens were born!

SUPER pink mittens

Started: January 2015

Ended: January 2015

Fiber: Purl Soho Worsted Twist in "Super Pink"

Notes: This is a pattern for mittens that was originally published by Purl Soho called Classic Mittens, and it was just what I was looking for, but written in fingering weight. I did a gauge swatch and was getting 5 stitches to the inch on US 7 needles, so I did a little math to convert the 8 stitches to the inch that the pattern dictated. I also did a long-tail cast on and converted the cuff so that it didn't fold over and just did a K1 P1 rib. The only trouble that I had was with the decreases, which I did more successfully on the second mitt. They were done in two days and I was happy, although with regular wear I'm finding that hot pink doesn't really go with the other things in my wardrobe. 


On an unrelated note, my birthday was last week, and B gave me the best birthday surprise ever when we went to pick up these two little ones at an animal sanctuary. 

Naturally, we are completely in love with our little Nash & Melo and my phone is running out of space with all the pictures I'm taking of them!