off the needles: sweet magnolia handspun

"Sweet Magnolia" by Susan Gehringer, narrow long cowl

Started: September 2015

Finished: October 23, 2015

Fiber: Aztec handspun

Notes: When I finished spinning this braid of BFL/Silk I just wanted to keep working with it, so I went and searched my Ravelry favorites for a short pattern that would fit with the yardage I got this time around. The Sweet Magnolia cowl had been in my list since it debuted last year, and the narrow, but longer version fit the bill. The stripes in the colorway came out beautifully with the length of the cowl, but I kind of feel that the beautiful pattern got a bit obscured by all the color changes. It was fun doing the picot hem and all in all, I think it will make a lovely gift this Christmas. Just make sure to read the pattern carefully! The different version starting points tripped me up a bit at first but wasn't ultimately hard to read. 

I feel like it has been forever since I've completed a knitting project, with lots of shop prep and spinning (both wonderful), so it felt so good to finish this. Only a few projects left before I take on the winter beast that is Timberline!

off the needles: laurus

"Laurus" by Dianna Walla

Started: August 28, 2015

Finished: August 29, 2015 (yay!)

Fiber: Quince and Co. Lark (main color: peacoat, contrasting color: malbec)

Notes: Yay for quick knits! This hat was a total whim. I don't even like colorwork that much but with a car ride in my future I thought I would just try and see what happened. And I'm happy I did! I had some leftover Lark yarn from some projects I did this winter and had just enough to knit this project. The colors aren't super contrasting, but that's kind of my style, so it works, and it was so simple it literally took me less than a day. I made the middle size in the fitted version and it was perfect. The Mr. tried it on and it was way too small, so if I was knitting one for him I'd go with the largest size, and the slouchy version. 

Best of all, Laurus is a free pattern through the #fringehatalong series that Karen is hosting on her blog! I also knit the L'Arbre hat from this series earlier this summer. It's a great little series that would be great for beginning knitters looking to expand their skill set. All in all, I would say definitely knit this little hat and feel happy about a day well-spent. 

Still spinning BFL this week and kind of avoiding swatching for Timberline. I'm excited to knit the sweater, but the swatching? I think I'm mostly afraid I'm going to have to do it more than once. That's silly, typing it out, but there it is. Any thoughts from people who love swatches?

off the needles: trellis scarf

Trellis Scarf by the Purl Bee

Started: July 22, 2015

Finished: August 23, 2015

Fiber: Purl Soho Flax Down, 2 skeins in "Desert Blue"

Notes: This scarf was originally never supposed to be. The Mr. bought me these two beautiful skeins of Flax Down when he went on a trip to NYC in March, and I knew that they were destined for a shawl of my own design. I restarted the design twice, but two months later it was still sitting barely touched. (Maybe that design will come to fruition someday.) When we were getting ready to move, I found it again and just decided spontaneously to rip out the whole thing. It was too lovely to sit there unfinished, and I have heard knitters describe this phenomenon as being able to feel what pattern the yarn was supposed to be destined for. And now, I have a scarf that is lovely, and that I can't wait to wear. Flax Down is single ply and has a great halo, on top of being so soft. It almost has a natural, kind of handspun quality to it that is a little hard to describe.  I would love to someday knit a whole sweater with this yarn. The pattern is wonderful as well, one that was on my list for a while, and uses the same technique that I had just knit in the L'Arbre hat! After a few repeats it was easy to memorize, which is my favorite type of knitting these days. Interesting and beautiful, but simple.

The only modification that I made (outside of the yarn substitution) was to do one less repeat in the total width. I almost wish I hadn't - it is plenty long but I can wrap it around my neck a few times for extra warmth, so I'm not too worried.

Now Fall - please show up!!