Off the needles: simple skyp socks

This is a story of some simple socks. The story starts around this time last year, when I was determined to become more accomplished at knitting, and decided that the next big project I needed to tackle were socks. I got some lovely sock yarn for Christmas last year, and some tiny double pointed needles, and in March of this year, I started these "Simple skyp socks". 

Unfortunately for the socks, this past spring and summer I planned a wedding, went on a honeymoon, moved, and had lots of other general life transitions. Life settled down again, and I picked them back up in September. "The first sock done! Success! Alright, what's next?" You guessed it. I got second sock syndrome, hard. The overwhelming desire to knit literally anything but that second sock (poor thing). I knit a kercheif, a hat, a cowl, and then, finally, another sock.

Simple Skyp Socks

Started: March 2014

Finished: October 25, 2014

Fiber: Quince and Co Finch in Apricot (about 275 yards for the small size)

Notes: Other than the narrative above, the yarn was lovely, and the color is just perfect for fall! I liked learning the skyp stitch, and the kitchener stitch went down much more easily the second time thanks to the Purl Bee. You can find this project with more photos of the socks in progress on my Ravelry page here. They were far from perfect, but I love wearing them around my apartment. I feel like a real accomplished knitter with them on. It's a good thing too, because socks are the #1 most requested item in my family for Christmas this year. Toe up socks are being tackled next!