handspun: a treat

Over the weekend, I finished a new yarn from another sweet Christmas gift. It was such a treat to spin! The fiber is Hedgehog Fibres 50/50 merino & silk, a roving with these loud, beautiful colors that made for a gorgeous fractal 2-ply yarn. The finished skein is 480 yards light fingering weight, and this week as I have been spinning bulky weight yarn, it has felt so magnified because I went straight from a lace weight single plied together to a bulky singly ply! 

This yarn is absolutely destined for something lacy, the trick is finding a pattern that won't compete with these gorgeous color repeats and the patterning that goes with it. Perhaps a small Lori shawl? Or a delicate Teakettle? For now it is hung in my studio to admire while I'm stash-diving for more pressing projects. Lovely!